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In 2004, Hurricane Frances left a wake of destruction in Martin County. Sandwiched between Palm Beach and St. Lucie County, Martin County was not getting attention from the mainstream media and residents felt ignored. County Commissioners called McNicholas & Associates for help.



Within 12 short hours, our team worked with county staff to implement a strategic communications plan. Almost immediately, national news outlets such as CNN and Good Morning America were doing live shots from Martin County and interviewing County Emergency Management teams. Public outreach was launched within 24 hours, and Martin County elected leaders were on the street, passing out ice to residents in the hardest hit areas.

Angry calls from residents subsided and were replaced by words of praise. McNicholas & Associates performed the same tasks just three weeks later during Hurricane Jeanne and a year later during Hurricane Wilma.

McNicholas & Associates was honored by the Martin County Board of County Commissioners as well as local business leaders. McNicholas & Associates was also recognized as Crisis Communicator of the Year by the Florida Public Relations Association.



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